Which Workout Program Is Right For You?

Choose the online training package that fits your life

We provide you with three different fitness programs to choose from daily as well as demo videos, written descriptions, strategy, and maybe just as important, COMMUNITY!

Whether you have a full-scale garage gym or maybe just a set of dumbbells in your living room, we have a program for you! At only $16.95 a month and NO contracts or commitments, you owe it to yourself to check us out. We can't wait for you to join our awesome fitness community!

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Our daily programs are:

  • Prime: Designed for the full-scale garage gym athlete
  • Pivot (requires dumbbells): Designed for those with dumbbells and other basic equipment
  • Flex: Designed for those with very limited equipment and time. Also a good fit for someone just getting started, coming back from injury or postpartum.

Free supplemental programs:

  • Core Thursday
  • Prime Strength
  • Prime Olympic Lifting

*Please note: These programs are available to everyone, but Strength and Olympic lifting are designed specifically to be done in conjunction with the Prime programming*

Using the Wodify App, along with our members only Instagram and Facebook pages, we bring together a community of fitness enthusiasts like ourselves. In doing so, we make finding the workouts and demo videos super simple!

Contact us now to find out more about our subscriptions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Utilize The Wodify App!

Utilize The Wodify App!

Your membership includes a free Wodify account.

Wodify is a comprehensive workout tracking program with benefits including:

  • the ability to easily view all workout programs
  • view past performances and track progress
  • record daily results as well as connect with other members.

    Wodify promotes community and even a little friendly competition and makes logging workouts a breeze.

How to use your Wodify app: