Example of Prime programming:


  • 3 rounds
  • 30 seconds jump rope
  • 5 x empty barbell snatch grip deadlifts
  • 5 x empty barbell hang power snatch
  • 5 x sit-ups

Metabolic Conditioning:
  • 4 rounds for reps
  • 1 min T2B
  • 1 min Power Snatch 95/65
  • 1 min Double unders
  • 1 min rest

Goal today is to stay consistent from round 1 through round 4. Try not to go out to hard and crash in round 4. Your score will be total reps for all 4 rounds.Scale thruster weight if needed to a weight you could do at least 10 unbroken reps fresh.

  • V-ups for T2B if you don’t have a pull-up bar.
  • Single unders for double unders but should attempt double unders for at least 30 seconds before switching to single unders.
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